draytek 2862 LTE Series VDSL2/ADSL2 2862LN 2862LAC Router with built-in 3G/4G/LTE modem
draytek 2862 LTE Series VDSL2/ADSL2 2862LN 2862LAC Router with built-in 3G/4G/LTE modem

Draytek 2862 LTE Series Routers


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Draytek 2862 LTE Series Routers - 2862L, 2862LN, 2862LAC


This series has a feature set mirroring the base Vigor2862 model, they have the addition of built-in 4G and LTE connectivity, suitable for use with all UK and Ireland cellular networks (apart from 'Relish'). The series includes the Vigor 2862Ln and the Vigor 2862Lac, the difference being 802.11n Wireless LAN vs. 802.11ac dual-band (see full specification tab). If you do not want to use wireless it can be disabled.

The embedded 4G and LTE technology  avoids the need to add an external modem to the router. The SIM slot on the back of the router is locked in with a cover to stop accidental removal.

On top of the 4G and LTE network connectivity, the Vigor 2862L series provides backward support for 3G networks for when 4G isn't available. SMS(Full function) message operation also provides additional controls and functions (described later).

The 3G or 4G can be your only primary Internet connection, with the bonus of a backup option via another DSL or  Ethernet Provided WAN connection you can use the  3G or 4G as the backup alternative to your primary WAN.


Model 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 5GHz Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Antenna Dual-Band Antenna
Vigor2862L - - - -
Vigor2862Ln - 2x 2dBi -
Vigor2862Lac - 4 (4dBi for 5GHz, 2dBi for 2.4GHz)


If you require a secondary or backup 3G/4G connectivity, this can be achieved by connecting a 3G/4G Modem Dongle via the USB port (the Modem is not supplied, please ensure that you check the list for compatibility USB modems.

Alternatively, using Wireless WAN, the Vigor 2862L can derive a secondary WAN (Internet) connection from a WiFi feed - e.g. your mobile phone's hotspot or a temporary mobile provision.

The Vigor 2862L series provides built-in ADSL/VDSL and Ethernet WAN connectivity for Internet connections (wired broadband service).

Note that the 'Vigor 2862L' series consists of several variants. The built-in cellular features are the same on each, but they have either no built-in WiFi (Vigor 2862L) or 802.11n Wireless (Vigor 2862Ln) or 802.11ac Wireless (Vigor 2862Lac). All other features are the same. The non-wireless model (Vigor 2862L) is available only to special order for project application. Wireless LAN can be disabled on the wireless models or can be ordered factory disabled.


The Vigor 2862L series provides the following features on 3G/4G (in additional to all usual Vigor2862 features):

  • SIM Slot (Standard-Size)
  • SMS Sending/Receiving of  Text messages to its Web Interface
  • Reports and alerts via SMS and reboot which can be SMS-initiated 
  • LTE Cat 4 / 3GPP Release 9 with fallback to 3G
  • LTE Max Speed : 150/50Mb/s (RX/TX)
  • Unlocked to any network ( Vodafone, BT, EE, Three, O2 and Eircom)
  • LTE (FDD) Bands: 1 (2100Mhz), 3 (1800Mhz), 5 (850Mhz), 7 (2600Mhz), 8 (900Mhz) & 20 (800Mhz)
  • LTE (TDD) Bands: 38 (2570-2620 Mhz), 40 (2300 - 2400Mhz) & 41 (2496 - 2690Mhz)
  • LTE Bandwidth: 1.4/3/5/10/15/20 Mhz
  • LTE Power : Class 3 (23dBm +-2dB)
  • LTE Duplex : FDD (Frequency Division), TDD (Time Division)
  • UMTS (3G) Bands: 1 (2100MHz), 5 (850Mhz) & 8 (900MHz)
  • GSM Bands: 900MHz, 1800MHz
  • 3G Data Modes: GPRS HSDPA HSPA+
  • GPRS MS Output : Class 12
  • Antennae : Two magnetic extension bases
  • LTE Antenna Connection : 2 x SMA Female


The Vigor 2862L series is supplied with 2 x LTE aerials ( or antennae) which can twist and adjust for peak reception. The provided extension bases come with a 1M extension cable to avoid obstruction ie cabinets or other equipment. There are two additional aerials in the wireless LAN-equipped models (Vigor 2862Ln & 2862Lac),  The WiFi  connectivity is acheive via the outer two, white antennae and LTE aerials inner two, black antennae also are presented with different plugs to ensure that that the correct socket is utilised.

The Vigor 2862L series using 3G/4G cellular connectivity is ideal for:

  • Backup to your main Internet connectivity
  • Provides a lower cost broadband solution when compared to a fixed line
  • Overcoming remote areas without access to fixed line broadband
  • Compatible with a wide range of 3G modems/phones
  • Temporary/Pop up Sites/Exhibitions/Fairgrounds
  • Mobile Homes
  • Mobile locations in coaches and trains
  • Outdoor locations (NOTE: the router and modem itself must be indoors!)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Testing and Planning

Important The specification and compatibility listed above applies to the UK model for UK & Ireland only - the product codes V2862LN-K (802.11n) or V2862LAC-K (802.11ac). If required for use in other regions, you should ensure that you are buying the correct model for use in that country and its compatible with its cellular networks.