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SKY Hybrid LNB

SKY 6 Port SKY Q Hybrid LNB and FreeSat LNB and Legacy Satellite Systems


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Compatible SKY Q Hybrid LNB (6 ports) for Sky Q,  SKY HD, FreeSat LNB and Legacy Satellite Systems

The latest Sky Q Hybrid LNB allows you to keep your older Sky+ HD box or a Freesat box running alongside your new Sky Q box all from the one dish.

  • 2 Ports For Wideband SKY Q Satellite
  • 4 Ports For Legacy (Sky HD+, SKY HD or FreeSat or Legacy)
  • Built-in Spirit Level
  • Bracket designed to Fit Mark 4 Dish
  • Weather proof protective collar conceals 4 x Legacy Coax ports and 2 x Wideband Ports

SKY Hybrid LNB Equipment Specification

  • Receive Frequency Band 10.7GHz to 12.75 GHz
  • Polarisation States Horizontal & Vertical (linear)
  • Local Oscillator Frequency 10.41, 9.75 and 10.6GHz
  • Nominal antenna Diameter Zone 1 = 45cm Zone 2 = 60cm
  • Specific Satellite Network SKY UK on Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2E

Environmental Data

  • Operational Temperature Range(degrees Celsius): -40C to +60C
  • Operational Wind Loading(MPH): 50MPH Maximum with 0.5 Degrees Pointing Accuracy
  • Survival Wind Loading(MPH): 80MPH Maximum










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