sky quad satellite LNB
SKY 4 port Quad LNB for FreeSat and SKY HD
sky lnb weatherproof collar down covering 4 ports to protect FreeSat and SKY HD
Sky LNB Quad showing closeup of Spirit Level and Bracket for 40mm dish
sky hd and freeSat quad lnb showing 4 coax ports
Side on view of the sky quad LNB showing rugged MK4 Bracket

SKY Quad Port LNB for SKY+ Sky Plus HD or SKY HD+ or FreeSat Satellite Installations


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SKY Quad Port LNB 

Run it all from one dish! the Sky Quad LNB has 4 ports which will allow you to keep your existing Sky HD or freesat Boxes working from one satellite dish.

Reduces clutter and extra dishes - the quad LNB avoids having to have more than one satellite dish on the property and when you decided to leave the Sky contract you can use the 4 Quad outputs to power free to air Freesat receivers with no monthly contract charges or having to replace the satellite dish or LNB.

Connect it up easily: Supplied with adapter bracket to fit MK4 Dish (built in spirit level) Fits Directly into the Latest MK4 Sky Dish Ideal for Multi Room Setups and Multiple PVR Setups

Rugged, weatherproof and sturdy construction:Made with approved and certified materials to provide the strongest signal strength. A compact design with superior construction to withstand the ever changing outdoor weather conditions.

Designed for Long Life and Performance.

Flexible, simple and affordable: Easy to setup, align to the satellite of your choice, connect your cables.

Please note that this is a legacy LNB and does not support SKY Q, as that requires wideband ports, please check out our other SKY Q Hybrid LNBs on this site.

  • 4 Ports (Quad ODU LNB)(Sky HD, SKY+. FreeSat or Legacy)

  • Genuine Sky Product

  • Built in Spirit Level

  • Bracket designed to Fit Mark 4 Dish

Slide up the weather proof protective collar to reveal the 4 x Coax ports

The Technical Specs
Equipment Capabilities
Receive Frequency Band 10.7GHz to 12.75 GHz
Polarisation States Horizontal & Vertical (linear)
Local Oscillator Frequency 9.75 and 10.6GHz
Nominal antenna Diameter Zone 1 = 45cm      Zone 2 = 60cm
Specific Satellite Network SKY UK on Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2 Degrees East

Environmental Profile
Operation Temperature Range -40C to +60C
Operational Wind Loading 50 MPH Maximum with 0.5 Degrees Pointing Accuracy
Survival Wind Loading 80 MPH Maximum








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