DrayTek 2862ac WiFi 5 Model Shown with 4 Antennae

FAQs on DrayTek 2860/2862 v2862 Vigor 2862 Router

FAQs on DrayTek 2860/2862 v2862 Vigor 2862 Router

How do I upgrade the firmware? follow the handy guide here https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-firmwareupgrade-webui

What's the default password? it's admin for the username and the password

What is LTE and which router do I need to use it?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” and is step towards true 4G. So when referring to 4G LTE, its actually weaker than true 4G. The LTE International Standard is loosely defined and frequently updated, making a true LTE standard a moving target.

In short, it’s better than 3G, but not quite 4G.
Follow the handy guides here to get it configured

How do I setup port forwarding? Ensure you're running the latest firmware and head here

How can I get my vpn (Virtual Private Networking) setup?

DrayTek LAN-to-LAN IPsec VPN Configuration Checkout Article Guide 412

DrayTek LAN-to-LAN PPTP VPN Configuration Checkout Article Guide 414

DrayTek LAN-to-LAN SSL VPN Configuration Guide658

DrayTek to Microsoft Azure Cloud - IPsec VPN (IKEv2 Route-based) Configuration Guide Checkout Article Guide 797

How do I configure a VDSL/VDSL2 Setup? These are ISP specific guides
DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with BT Infinity Fibre Broadband

DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with EE

DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with TalkTalk
DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with TalkTalk Business

Where can I get the manual/user guide? head below for the user guide and enter the base model number i.e. for 2862ln enter 2862 only

Where can I get the latest firmware? the firmware on the website for the DrayTek  2862 covers the entire 2862 range so you only need to enter 2862 into the downloads section search box. Note: there are typically 2 versions included in the download a .rst file and a .all file using the .rst will clear the entire configuration! using the .all will retain your configuration and just upgrade you to the version you've downloaded - Always take care before upgrading, backup your configuration and never disconnect the power when updating or interrupt the web browser as this can crash the upgrade rendering your router unusable(bricked).

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