NOW TV Remote Control

NOW TV Remote Control Instructions - Troubleshooting Tips Help

NOW TV Remote Control Instructions - Troubleshooting Tips Help


How do I buy one?

Standard InfraRed remote


You'll have one these remote controls if you've got a black or white NOW TV Box or Smart Box with Freeview

Standard IR remotes communicate with your device using invisible Infra-Red (IR) light. The most common reason for the remote not working is a blocked signal, and the second most common problem is low or dead batteries.

Troubleshooting tips for the standard IR remote

Remove any obstacles

  • Make sure you can see the front of your NOW TV Box from where you are sitting and there's nothing blocking the signal between the remote and the front of the Box (where the IR receiver is).
  • Try holding your remote up higher and pointing it directly at the Box. If it now works, remove anything that is in the way or move your Box to a position where the remote will respond reliably.

Re-insert or replace the batteries

First of all, try removing the batteries from your remote and re-inserting them. If that does not work, try replacing them.

If you've got a smartphone with a camera, you may be able to use it to see whether the remote is sending an InfraRed(IR) signal or not. Smartphone cameras can 'see' a wider range of light wavelengths than the human eye, including infra-red light. This will generally only work on smartphones with a front-facing camera:

  1. Enter Camera Mode on your smartphone as if you were taking a self-portrait (selfie Mode) you should see yourself in the camera.
  2. Hold the remote control in front of the camera and press buttons on the remote. Try each button in turn to confirm operation you should see a flash being emitted from the remote upon each button press.
  3. If you can't see the IR signal flashing as you press buttons, then try replacing the batteries in the remote.


Try a new remote

If you think your controller is broken or lost, head here to buy a new replacement one.


NOW TV Remote App for your phone (iPhone or Android) – this currently does not support the NOW TV Boxes and can only replace the NowTV Smart Stick Remote** 


**at time of writing

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