Problem with Network's - New Router for Virgin Media?

Problem with Network's - New Router for Virgin Media?

New Router for Virgin Media? In this example we'll use a Draytek Router

How to enable Bridge Mode or Modem Mode on Virgin Media Hub

To enable bridge or modem mode on a Virgin Media Hub when using a Draytek router, you will need to follow these steps:

Connect your Virgin Media Hub to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the Virgin Media Hub into the address bar. The default IP address is usually, but you can also find it printed on the bottom of the hub.
When prompted, enter the login virgin details - ie the default username and password for the Virgin Media Hub. The default username is usually "admin" and the default password is usually printed on the bottom of the hub.

Once login has completed, navigate to Modem Mode, it may appear elsewhere depending on the model of your Virgin Media Hub, such as "Advanced Settings" or "Configuration" page and maybe named Bridge Mode.

Follow the prompts to save your changes and restart the Virgin Media Hub.

Cabling in Networking
Whilst the Virgin Media Hub restarts connect your Draytek router on WAN Port 1 via a standard ethernet CAT 5, CAT5e, CAT 6 cable or above to the Virgin Media Hub PORT 1, IMPORTANT: disconnect any other ethernet cables from your Virgin Media Hub and connect them to the router or a sepearate switch. NOTE: The Draytek router needs to be switched on and connected before the Virgin Media Hub finishes its boot sequence as it learns what device is connected to Port 1.

The Draytek router should now be able to establish a connection to the Internet using the Virgin Media Hub as a bridge or modem.Give it a few minutes and test from a ethernet client from your Draytek Router.

The Virgin Media Hub will show a red light at the base to show its now in Modem Only Mode

Note: Enabling bridge or modem mode on the Virgin Media Hub will disable its built-in router and firewall functions, so you will need to use the Draytek router for these functions.

Some final steps are required on the Draytek Router

Set Up Your DrayTek Router
You can now connect and configure your router. Its WAN Port by default will need to be DHCP - Internet Access settings should be set as'Static or Dynamic IP' and 'Obtain IP Address Automatically'. Virgin Media Hubs dosn't support PPPOE, Once the modem is back online, your router should get a public IP address on its WAN interface.


Draytek Router Settings on WAN port for Virgin Media Hub

Setup your Wifi network's (2.4GHz and 5GHz) if you have the Wireless n, ac, lac, vac or ax model and test internet access. Current Wireless Models are Draytek 2865AC, 2865AX, 2865VAC,2865LAC 2866AC, 2866AX, 2866VAC and 2866LAC, 2927AC, 2927AX and 2927LAC( Wireless N is now deprecated)

Remember : If you need to access the GUI of the Virgin Media Hub while it is in modem-only mode, the virgin login webpage will now be responding on

If you need to roll back the settings, hold in the factory reset on the back of your Virgin Media hub for up to 10 seconds.

This setting is advantageous as the firewall settings are far more advanced that the Virgin Media Hub and the processing power of the Draytek routers allow for a better service to networked clients.

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