Using Your Sky Q Bluetooth Enabled Remote Control With Voice Search EC201 EC202

Using Your Sky Q Bluetooth Enabled Remote Control With Voice Search

Using Your Sky Q Bluetooth Enabled Remote Control EC201/EC202 With Voice Search For Sky Q Mini Box Or Sky Q Satellite Boxes


If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably just received a shiny new Sky Q Remote Control and can’t wait to use it with your new Sky Q Box. If you need to buy a new one, see below.


How do I pair it with my Sky Q or Sky Q Mini Box?

Important to note, you’ll need to setup the new remote as Sky Q boxes are paired to the original remote you received, this process clears the history of the old remote and sets up your new one

Instructions to Pair - Hold buttons 1 and 3 until the red light flashes and a message should pop up on screen to pair the remote to your TV.


My dog has eaten my remote again, how do I buy a replacement one? Well, you’re in luck we sell them here 


How many handsets can I use with my Sky Q Box?

You can use two, however one will need to be Infrared and the other Bluetooth. Sky Q boxes only allow one Bluetooth remote to be paired at a time.


What is Voice Search?

The Sky Q Remote Control comes with a Blue and White Voice Search button this will only work if your Sky Q box is connected to the Internet, press the button until you see the search box on the screen and then speak your required TV Program


Will this Sky Q Remote work on a Sky Q Mini box?

Yes it works with Sky Q 1TB, 2TB and Sky Q Mini Boxes


Will this remote still control the Sky q box when it is in an enclosed cabinet?

The Sky Q Remote Control has built-in Bluetooth Technology with a range of 10 metres, it can penetrate the glass/wooden cabinet


What do I need to do to setup the TV Volume and Power?

Hold down 1 & 3 and then follow the on screen guidance, the Sky Q boxes have a wizard driven menu and will find your TV Brand for you (please note due to the sheer number of different manufacturers not all are supported).


Will the bluetooth remote work on older mini boxes? for example my Sky Q box is 3 to 4 years old and came with an infra red remote.

Yes, you can replace your old infrared remotes with Bluetooth ones which have the voice button on the front, so that all rooms can have voice control.

How do I setup 2 Sky Remotes to work on my Sky Q Box?

You can use 1x Bluetooth (Sky Q Remote Control EC201/EC202 with the Voice Search) and 1 x Sky Remote Control Infrared (ECO60), NOTE: only one remote supports Voice Search functionality. The 2 remotes are set up by doing the following:

To pair your Voice Search remote press 1 and 3 together, then for your infrared remote press 4 and 6 together until the remote indicator flashes four times. This will pair the second controller to your box


Will one blue tooth remote work one Sky Q box and two Sky Q Mini boxes?

Unfortunately, you will need a remote for each box


Have you got any protective covers/stickers for this kind of remote?

No, we don’t sell the covers for this model


Is there a manual for Sky Q remote with voice control?

No there is no manual. Sky is committed to saving the planet and have their visual guides online to save paper.


Will the Voice Search work on a Sky Q Mini box?

Yes, Your Sky Q Mini box will need internet access and once the remote has been successfully paired using the 1 and 3 buttons, you should be able to Voice Search.


How do I factory reset my Sky Q Remote?

If you just can’t get your remote working, double check the batteries are in the right way and then reset the remote by pressing 7 and 9 together until the remote light flashes 4 times, then repeat the setup steps again.


I can’t get Voice Search to work?

Please note for the blue voice control button to work, your Sky Q box must be connected to the internet for the search to work, if it doesn’t work after pairing the remote, reboot your Sky Q box

To reboot press Standby on your Sky Q Remote (if the box responds to the remote), and then switch off and unplug at the mains. Wait at least 30 secs and then plug back in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains. Wait for the on screen instructions to disappear and the front led to turn Amber. Then wait for 30 secs before you press Home on your Sky Q remote or if this is not working press the standby button on the front of the Q box (Amber led) note: some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.


I’ve lost my remote control, how do I use the ‘Find my remote’ function?

Press the ’Q button’on the front of your Sky Q box and after a few seconds a paired Sky Q touch/Sky Q remote with Voice Control will beep for 30 seconds.

Sky Q Box showing illuminated Q Button Front View

Press the ’Q button’on the front of your Sky Q box and after a few seconds a paired Sky Q touch/Sky Q remote with Voice Control will beep for 30 seconds.

Once you've found it, press any button on your remote to stop the beeping.

NOTE: Find My Remote doesn't work with the Sky Q Mini box, just the main Sky Q box.


What do all the buttons do? Have you got a diagram?

Here is a link to a handy guide, which should answer all your questions!


What is the EAN/GTIN for the Sky Q Remote Control with Voice Search? 5060537684680


What is the model number of this Sky Q Remote Control? We stock the EC201 and EC202, there is no difference between either model



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