Are You Searching For A BT Smart Hub 2 Stockist?

Do you constantly suffer from slow internet speeds and dead spots in your home? In that case, you might want to consider changing internet provider or updating your router.

BT Smart Hub 2 is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi hubs of all the big broadband providers. Although it’s similar to size to the previous Smart Hub, it’s arguably much better at banishing Wi-Fi dead spots and comes with a combination of unique features to deliver faster speeds throughout your home

If you’re searching for a stockist of BT Smart Hub 2, Admire IT has this type of router for a highly competitive price.

Currently reduced in our sale, this BT Smart Hub 2 Ultrafast Dual-Band MIMO 802.11 AC AC 1733MBPS Wireless Router is the ideal solution for a variety of households. Included in this package are a Setup Guide, Power Supply, Wireless Card, RJ11 and Network Cable and Filter.

This router has a two DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) antenna and the functionality to enable any DECT CATiq 2.1 compliant phone to work with the hub without requiring a base station.

Our team is always happy to provide more information on the benefits of choosing this router.

If you’re looking for a stockist of BT Smart Hub 2, discover more about Admire IT today.