Discover The High Performance DrayTek Vigor AP 1000C

Are you choosing a new WiFi Access Point for your home or business?

Whether you suffer from a poor signal or have dead spots in your home or business, adding an WiFi Access Point can make all the difference.

DrayTek is particularly popular among small businesses, since they offer a great range of networking products with a sharp focus on value. They were was one of the first manufacturers to bring VPN technology to low cost routers, therefore helping with the emergence of viable teleworking.

Their business-grade features include VPN, firewall, content filtering, and bandwidth management, making them an integrated network solution for home and business.

Admire IT has the latest WiFi Access Points from DrayTek which offer excellent wireless coverage, including the DrayTek Vigor AP 1000C which can eliminate wireless drop outs and offers many other great features.

It is designed to expand your wireless coverage, reduce Wi-Fi dead spots and lower your network deployments costs. The DrayTek Vigor AP 1000C can be used as a managed or stand alone access point.

Admire IT is committed to offering the latest Powerline and Wireless AP offerings from DrayTek. We’re always keen to help find the right solutions for your particular requirements.

Why not explore our collection of DrayTek products today? Or simply get in touch for more information.