Searching For A Stockist Of DrayTek Access Point?

Need to find the right DrayTek router for your requirements?

If you’re looking for an affordable stockist of DrayTek products, you’ll find an excellent choice at Admire IT. Our team is constantly paying attention to the latest developments in tech.

DrayTek was one of the first manufacturers to bring VPN technology to low-cost routers, therefore leading to the emergence of viable teleworking. Their products offer business and consumers DSL modems for use with full-featured home routers and home computers without the need for more expensive ATM hardware.

Our latest DrayTek products include:

  • The DrayTek 2862, 2862n, 2862AC and 2862LN.
  • DrayTek VigorAP 912C, a dual-band wireless access point designed for ceiling or wall mount. It supports a stand-alone operation and can also integrate with DrayTek routers or VigorACS platform for central management.
  • DrayTek Vigor AP 1000C This high-performance Access Point provides a mesh wireless solution, designed to expand your wireless coverage, reduce Wi-Fi dead spots and reduce network deployments costs.

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