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BT Mini Connector Kit 1GB Twin and Single Powerline Adapters Version 2

BT Mini Connector Kit 1GB Twin and Single Powerline Adapters Version 2

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BT Mini Connector Kit Twin 1GB Powerline Plugs,

Ideal for CCTV Recording, online gaming, streaming UltraHD, UHD, 4K, 3D and HD.

Available in Twin Kit or Single(Addon). Note: Single needs to be paired with another BT Mini Connector to work.



The BT Mini Connector Kit Twin  allow you to connect your BT TV box to your BT Hub or can be used for other vendor equipment to extend your network. They work with all BT Hubs, without having to run an Ethernet cable all the way around the home. They do this by sending your broadband signal through the electrical wiring in your home.

They also have a power socket on the front, so you don't lose a plug socket on your wall. Its recommended you use this socket to plug in any extension leads or your BT TV box itself.

They can be used for gaming, streaming and extending the reach of your network to rooms needing better bandwidth or to service devices with cable requirements.

  • BT Mini Connector Kit Twin 087372 Powerline Adapters
  • Provides 2 X 1GB Network ports on top of each connector to supply even more devices.
  • Great for streaming online content, CCTV and gaming where you need a solid connection with good throughput.
  • Passthrough design so you don't lose a plug socket
  • Easy plug and play - connect one nearest your router and connect a network cable, then take the other plug to where you need it.
  • Use with a BT TV set top box for trouble-free streaming
  • Expand your network, easily add single or another twin set onto your existing network.
  • Ships with 2 x Network Cables, 2 x Version 2 x BT Mini Connector Plugs and a BT Mini Connector Kit Setup Guide


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