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DrayTek P1282 VigorSwitch 24-Port POE+ Switch

DrayTek P1282 VigorSwitch 24-Port POE+ Switch

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DrayTek P1282 VigorSwitch 24-Port Smart Managed Rackmount Gigabit PoE+ Switch w/ 4 x 1GbE RJ45/SFP Combo Ports (400W)

The DrayTek P1282 VigorSwitch 24-Port Smart Managed Rackmount Gigabit PoE+ Switch is a high-performance, Smart Managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with four (4) uplink ports. With twenty-four (24) PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) RJ45 LAN ports, it's ideal for powering connected IP phones, IP cameras and wireless access points. The 400 watt PoE power budget provides ample power through Ethernet, to each of its PoE / PoE+ enabled Gigabit LAN ports. Designed for centralised management, the VigorSwitch P1282 can be provisioned and monitored with the VigorACS management platform (licence required, sold separately), the free VigorConnect single site management system, and/or with an existing DrayTek Vigor router’s Central Switch Management. Easily provision VLAN configuration through a router (sold separately) and clone switch configurations. Drastically reduce the setup time required for a complex network and configure an entire DrayTek network remotely.

Key Features

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    Deliver power and data over one Ethernet cable, with up to 30 watts per port. Power up to twenty-four (24) devices.
  • Cloud Management
    Manage the VigorSwitch P1282 from anywhere with VigorACS Cloud Management (licence required, sold separately).
  • Dynamic MAC-based VLAN
    Network port changes are easier to manage with MAC-based VLANs automating port re-configuration.
  • ONVIF IP Camera Management
    Manage and view ONVIF capable cameras, automatically detecting their topology on the network.
  • IP Conflict Prevention
    Improve network stability by avoiding IP conflicts caused by a misconfigured or malicious host.
  • Useful Security Features
    Protect your network against unauthorised access with DoS Defence, ACL port level Firewall & IP Source Guard.
  • PoE Management
    Schedule PoE device power. Monitor PoE device status, automatically restarting devices if they stop responding.
  • Central Site Management
    Easily configure switches remotely with a DrayTek Vigor router or VigorConnect.
  • Surveillance & Voice Auto VLAN
    Auto configures VLANs for IP cameras and IP phones, recognises traffic and manages QoS prioritisation.
  • IP Camera Snapshot Alert
    Locate IP Camera problems quickly with Mail Alerts from the switch showing the IP Camera's last snapshot.
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
    Improve the performance of critical traffic by prioritising the traffic with CoS, DSCP, and IP Precedence tag.
  • RJ45/SFP Uplink Ports
    Uplink to Fibre or direct-attach to additional switches with four (4) Gigabit RJ45/SFP Combo Ports.

Surveillance & Voice Auto VLAN

With Voice VLAN and Surveillance VLAN, the VigorSwith P1282 simplifies the setup of connected IP Phones and IP Cameras. Move around ports on the switch without having to manually re-configure VLAN and QoS settings each time. Instead, the switch will auto-assign VLAN tags and Quality of Service to IP Phones and IP Cameras, ensuring that each device remains on the correct network and that essential Voice and Video data is prioritised on the network. The switch identifies cameras and phones from their MAC address (Vendor OUI), so that when connecting up an IP Phone from Yealink for instance, the switch would configure the VLAN ID and set the QoS tag for that port. Upon moving the phone to a different port, the switch will ensure that the VLAN settings follow the device rather than requiring a fixed VLAN & QoS configuration per-port.

ONVIF IP Camera Management

The VigorSwitch P1282 can discover, manage and configure ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compatible IP cameras and NVR systems, allowing for easy discovery, management and troubleshooting of your connected IP cameras.

  • Device Management
    Use the VigorSwitch to configure and manage your IP camera network; configure network & security settings, restart cameras and have the switch monitor whether cameras are responding, alerting of any issues.
  • Network Surveillance Topology
    Simply connect ONVIF capable devices to the VigorSwitch P1282, discover devices, and the VigorSwitch determines the network topology of connected cameras & NVR systems.
  • View IP Camera Output
    Through the VigorSwitch web interface, you can view the video feed of connected IP cameras.

Standard Warranty: 2-Years

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Manage Centrally or Stand-Alone
Configure and monitor the switch through the VigorACS cloud management platform, through VigorConnect, through a DrayTek Vigor router, or directly via the device's Web Interface.

Benefits: Save time and money. Easily provision, monitor and manage remote sites without on-site IT or dedicated staff.

Automatic VLAN Assignment
Voice, Surveillance and MAC VLANs dynamically assign VLANs to IP Phones, IP Cameras and more. Ensures the same network setup and Quality of Service regardless of where devices are plugged in.

Benefits: Less time to install, move ports around without reconfiguring VLANs.

Useful Security Features
Protect your network against unauthorised access and network problems with IP Conflict Prevention, DoS Defence, Access Control Lists for IPv4, IPv6, MAC and IP Source Guard.

Benefits: Secure & control access to your network.

Smart Power over Ethernet
Provides ample power through Ethernet to each of the 24 PoE / PoE+ enabled Gigabit LAN ports. PoE scheduling, priority & Device Check features ensure your PoE devices are powered and working.

Benefits: Power and manage IP cameras, IP phones and Wireless APs.

IP Camera Management
Manage IP Cameras easily with detection and management of ONVIF cameras. Use PoE Device Check, auto-generated IP Camera topology and Camera Snapshots to detect & troubleshoot problems.

Benefits: Easily configure, deploy & manage connected IP Cameras.

4 SFP Ports for Uplinks
Uplink to Fibre or direct-attach to additional switches, with 4x Gigabit SFP Ports. Connect switches over long distances with SFP Fibre modules.

Benefits: Flexible installation. Surpass the 100m limit of copper cabling.

VigorSwitch P1282

Dimensions and Weight

Width 441 mm, Depth 281 mm, Height 44 mm,Weight 4.3 kg


Key Specifications
24 x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet Ports with PoE+
4 x RJ-45 / SFP Gigabit Ethernet Ports
400-watt Power-over-Ethernet budget for demanding applications
Cloud Managed with VigorACS
802.1q VLANs with Dynamic MAC-based, Voice & Surveillance VLAN
ONVIF IP Camera Surveillance Management with PoE Device Check
Access Control List (ACL) for port & traffic level security
Port Mirroring & Link Aggregation
IGMP Snooping & Querying
IPv4 and IPv6 Support with IP Conflict Prevention
Centrally managed or standalone operation
Technical Specification (UK Hardware Spec.)
Physical Interfaces
24 RJ-45 Ethernet Ports – 10/100/1000Mbps
Factory Reset Button
4 Selectable Ports (Nos. 25-28), use as either:
10/100/1000BaseT (Gigabit) Ethernet
or SFP (1000M) Ports for Uplink / Fibre
PoE Specification
24 Power over Ethernet LAN ports - PoE PSE Mode A
IEEE 802.3af PoE & 802.3at PoE+ (High Power) compliant
400 Watts Total Power Budget for PoE
Up to 30 watts per port
Auto Detection of Powered Device (PD) and Consumption Levels
Per Port PoE Status LED Indicators
Alert LED and Mail Alert for high PoE Usage
Port Power Consumption Monitoring via Web Interface & CLI
Circuit Protection to Prevent Power Interference between Ports
PoE PD Monitoring & Maintenance Features (per port)
PoE PD Priority
Restart PoE PD if not responding to ping
Restart PoE IP Camera if not providing camera output
802.1q Tag-based VLAN
Port-based & MAC-based VLANs
Up to 255 VLANs (out of 4096 VLAN IDs)
Voice VLAN (OUI Mode)
Surveillance VLAN (OUI Mode)
Management VLAN
Port Isolation (Protected Ports)
Support 8 priority queues
Port-Based rate control (Ingress & Egress)
Priority queue schedule (WRR or Strict Priority)
Rate Limit
Class of Service
802.1p CoS
IP Precedence ToS
Network Security
IP Source Guard with ARP inspection
IP Conflict Prevention
Storm Control (Broadcast, Unknown Multicast, Unknown Unicast)
DoS Attack protection
Protected Port / Port Isolation
Static Port Security
Loop Detection & Prevention
Access Control Lists (ACL)
Up to 512 ACL Entries
Source and destination MAC
IPv4/v6 address
TCP/UDP port
Spanning Tree
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
Link Aggregation
Combine multiple ports to increase bandwidth
8 Aggregation Groups
Up to 8 ports in each group
LACP or Static setup
Supports traffic load balancing
Networking Performance
Switching Capacity: 56Gbps
Forwarding Rate: 41.7Mpps (64 bytes)
Jumbo Frames up to 9KB
Packet Buffer size: 4.1Mbit
MAC Address Table: 8000 entries
Up to 256 multicast groups
Multicast Group Filtering / Throttling
IGMP Snooping V2/V3 (BISS)
IGMP V2/V3 Querier
Multicast VLAN registration
ONVIF Surveillance Management
Discovery of ONVIF-compliant IP Cameras
Surveillance Topology
Real-Time Video Streaming
ONVIF Device Maintenance
Device Information
Network Settings Configuration
Time Settings
Reset to Factory Default Settings
Ping Check with Mail Alert on disconnection
Central Management
Vigor Router Switch Management
(requires router firmware support)
IPv4 & IPv6 Dual-Stack
Web User Interface
Firmware Upgrade/Backup
Configuration Backup/Restore
Factory Default
System Reboot
2-level Admin Privileges
Multiple Admin Accounts
Command Line Interface (CLI) via SSH/Telnet
OpenVPN Client with Certificate-based auth
SNMP v1, v2c, v3 (with Generic Traps)
SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
LLDP(802.1ab) + MED
Port Status & Usage display
CPU/RAM Usage display
MAC Address Table
Device Check
Mail Alert
Port Status
Port Speed Change
System Restart
Device Check
IP Conflict
ONVIF IP Camera Snapshot
Port Mirroring
Ping Diagnostics
Port-based Cable Test
IPv4 Features
DHCP Client
DNS Client
IPv6 Features
Auto Configuration
Static IPv6 Address & Prefix Length
Static IPv6 Default Gateway
IPv6 Neighbour Discovery (ND)
IPv6 Duplicate Address Detection
DHCPv6 Client
General IEEE Standards Compliance
802.3af PoE
802.3at PoE+
802.3 10Base-T
802.3u 100Base-T
802.3ab 1000Base-T
802.3x Flow Control
802.3 Auto-Negotiation
802.1q Tag-based VLAN
802.1p Class of Service
802.1d STP
802.1w RSTP
802.3ad LACP
802.1x Port Access Control
802.1AB LLDP
802.3az EEE
Operating Requirements
Power Input Requirements: 100-240VAC
Power supply: Internal
Maximum Input Power Consumption: 450 Watts
Cooling: Dual-Fan cooled
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 441 x 281 x 44 mm (W x D x H)
Rack mountable: 1U
Weight: 4.3 Kg
ROHS & CE Compliant
Warranty : 2 Year Manufacturer's RTB

Warranty Information

Please check the Specification Section for Warranty Information

Extended Warranty

Care for your DrayTek with VigorCare Extended Warranty !

DrayTek Extended Warranty Matrix Support Model

VigorCare Enhanced Warranty Service

Prepare for the unforeseen, equipment unfortunately does fail from time to time, be it a power surge, overheating or update failure, having an extended warranty can be a lifeline to your business when you need it most. The following packages below are available.

Broken Equipment

Advanced Replacement

If you suspect that your covered DrayTek product has developed a fault, our experienced support technicians will help you to diagnose the problem and determine whether the unit needs to be service or replaced. If it does, a replacement unit will be sent out the same day for delivery on the next working/business day (to most of the UK). If you wish to take the unit yourself to the service centre (currently North of London), replacement or diagnosis/repair can be carried out in person.

3 or 5 Year Warranty



  • Enhanced Warranty Service
  • 3 or 5 year warranty upgrades available
  • Advanced-Replacement of faulty unit
  • Next working day* replacement unit
  • Cover for 3 or 5 years warranty with single payment
  • Available for all DrayTek Vigor routers
  • Warranty upgrades available to purchase for up to 6 months after product purchase

    With VigorCare, you also have the benefit of an extension to a full 3 or even 5 years of warranty so that if a fault does develop, you will have no bills for parts, labour or replacement in the event that a warranty fault develops. We're proud of the reliability that DrayTek products achieve but however unlikely a problem might be, if your business depends on your DrayTek product, VigorCare should give you the peace of mind and convenience that you need.

    VigorCare membership is subject to the VigorCare Terms & Conditions (see terms tab, above) and should be taken out within 6 months of purchase of your new product

    VigorCare Service Packs

    VigorCare subscription is available for several categories of product. Determine the correct pack for your product below. NOTE: The subscription must be activated via the link below within 6 months of your router and service pack being purchased.

    VigorCare Activation Link


     Product Code Description Applicable To These DrayTek Products Duration Buy Now
    VCARE-A3 VigorCare A3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 130, Vigor 166, Vigor 2762, 2763, 2765, 2766 series
    VigorAP 810, 903, 912C, 960C, 1000C, 1060C
    VigorSwitch P1092, G1080
    3 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-A5 VigorCare A5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 130, Vigor 166, Vigor 2762, 2763, 2765, 2766 series
    VigorAP 810, 903, 912C, 960C, 1000C, 1060C
    VigorSwitch P1092, G1080
    5 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-B3 VigorCare B3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 2620Ln
    Vigor 2832, 2862, 2865, 2866, 2926, 2927 series
    VigorAP 920, VigorAP 918 series
    VigorSwitch P2121, G2100, P2100
    3 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-B5 VigorCare B5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 2620Ln
    Vigor 2832, 2862, 2865, 2866, 2926, 2927 series
    VigorAP 920, VigorAP 918 series
    VigorSwitch P2121, G2100, P2100
    5 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-C3 VigorCare C3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 2952, 2960, 2962, 3220
    VigorSwitch P1280, G1280, P1282, G1282
    3 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-C5 VigorCare C5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 2952, 2960, 2962, 3220
    VigorSwitch P1280, G1280, P1282, G1282
    5 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-D3 VigorCare D3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 3900, Vigor 3910
    VigorSwitch G2280, G2280x, G2500, G2540x
    VigorSwitch P2280, P2280x, P2500, P2540x
    3 Years Buy Now Button
    VCARE-D5 VigorCare D5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 3900, Vigor 3910
    VigorSwitch G2280, G2280x, G2500, G2540x
    VigorSwitch P2280, P2280x, P2500, P2540x
    5 Years Buy Now Button


     Warranty Terms & Conditions Apply - please see here