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Ubiquiti UAP NANO HD AC2000 Access Point

Ubiquiti UAP NANO HD AC2000 Access Point

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Ubiquiti UAP-NanoHD UniFi WiFi 5 PoE Access Point (2Gbps AC) With PoE Injector

The Ubiquiti UniFi NanoHD APs are equipped with advanced Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology and boast a sleek industrial design. The UAP-NanoHD, a compact version of the UAP-AC-HD, excels in high-density settings, outperforming the UAP-AC-PRO. It supports simultaneous dual-band operation and 4x4 MU-MIMO technology, along with convenient 802.3af PoE compatibility. These APs are available for purchase in single and five-pack bundles. 

Key Features

  • Mediatek 802.11ac Wave 2
  • 2x2 Multi-User MIMO on 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps physical rate)
  • 4x4 MIMO on 5 GHz (1733 Mbps physical rate)
  • Real-world 5 GHz throughput: 750 Mbps (preliminary)
  • Antenna system optimised for 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO beamforming.
  • Compact Form Factor for subtle deployment.
  • Low-profile ceiling mount (sold separately) allows you to seamlessly integrate the AP into its environment.
  • The unique LED provisioning ring provides administrator location tracking and alerts for each device

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Standard

The UniFi nanoHD AP can be powered by an 802.3af PoE-compliant switch. Please note this product is not compatible with passive PoE Toughswitches.

Superior Processing Power

The UniFi nanoHD AP is capable of complex operations (guest control, filtering, and other resource-intensive tasks) that may slow down a lesser-equipped AP.

Scalable Enterprise WiFi Management

UniFi is the revolutionary WiFi system that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability and a central management controller. The UniFi nanoHD AP has a refined industrial design and can be easily installed using the included mounting hardware. Easily accessible through any standard web browser and the UniFi mobile app (iOS or Android), the UniFi Controller software is a powerful software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance. Use the UniFi Controller software to quickly configure and administer an enterprise WiFi network - no special training required. RF map and performance features, real-time status, automatic UAP device detection, and advanced security options are all seamlessly integrated.

Save Money and Time

UniFi comes bundled with a non-dedicated software controller that can be deployed on an on-site PC, Mac, or Linux machine; in a private cloud; or using a public cloud service. You also have the option of deploying the compact UniFi Cloud Key with built-in software.

Powerful Hardware

The UniFi nanoHD AP features the latest in WiFi 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology.

Intuitive UniFi Controller Software

Configure and manage your APs with the easy-to-learn user interface.


Unlimited scalability: build wireless networks as big or small as needed. Start with one (or upgrade to a three or five pack) and expand to thousands while maintaining a single unified management system.

Extend Your Coverage

With the UniFi Controller software running in a NOC or in the cloud, administrators can manage multiple sites: multiple, distributed deployments and multi-tenancy for managed service providers.

UniFi Controller

Use the UniFi Controller to provision thousands of UniFi APs, map out networks, quickly manage system traffic and provision additional UniFi APs.

View Your RF Environment

Use the RF environment functionality of the UniFi nanoHD AP to detect and troubleshoot nearby interference, analyse radio frequencies, choose optimal AP placement, and configure settings.

Powerful RF Performance Features

Advanced RF performance and configuration features include spectral analysis, airtime fairness and band steering.

Detailed Analytics

Use the configurable reporting and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting.

Wireless Uplink

Wireless Uplink functionality enables wireless connectivity between APs for extended range. One wired UniFi AP uplink supports up to four wireless downlinks on a single operating band, allowing wireless adoption of devices in their default state and real-time changes to network topology.

Guest Portal/Hotspot Support

Easy customisation and options for Guest Portals include authentication, Hotspot setup and the ability to use your own external portal server. Use UniFi's rate limiting for your Guest Portal/Hotspot package offerings. Apply different bandwidth rates (download/upload), limited total date usage, and limit duration of use.

All UniFi APs include Hotspot functionality:

  • Built-in support for billing integration using major credit cards
  • Built-in support for voucher-based authentication
  • Built-in Hotspot Manager for voucher creation, guest management and payment refunds.
  • Full customisation and branding of Hotspot portal pages

Multi-Site Management

A single UniFi Controller funning in the cloud can manage multiple sites: multiple, distributed deployments and multi-tendency for managed service providers. Each site is logically separated and has its own configuration, maps, statistics, guest portal, and administrator read/write and read-only accounts.

WLAN Groups

The UniFi Controller can manage flexible configurations of large deployments. Create multiple WLAN groups and assign them to an AP's radio. Each WLAN can be VLAN tagged. Dynamic VLAN tagging per WiFi station (or RADIUS VLAN) is also supported. 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows a Wave 2 AP, such as this UniFi nanoHD AP, to communicate with multiple clients at the same time - significantly increasing multi-user throughput and overall user experience. For high-density environments, such as a theatre where there are numerous clients in a relatively small space, the nanoHD AP is recommended when a minimal footprint is also required.

Both Wave 1 and Wave 2 APs offer 28 independent (non-overlapping) channels: three for the 2.4 GHz band and twenty-five for the 5 GHz band, including DFS channels. When you use the 2.4 GHz band in a high-density location, you encounter self-interference and channel saturation. When you use the 5 GHz band, you can deploy smaller cells (coverage areas), so you can support more clients in any cell that deploys more than one AP. With the advantages of MU-MIMO technology and 4x4 spacial streams, the UniFi nanoHD AP can support more than triple the number of users than a typical Wave 1 AP*

* Depending on environmental and installation conditions.

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WiFi Standard 802.11n/ac/WiFi 5
Radios/Antenna 4x4
2.4GHz - 300Mbps
5GHz - 1733Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet Ports - 1
PoE 802.3af PoE
PoE Adapter Included Yes 1 x 48v DC, 0.3A GbE
Concurrent Clients 200+
Cloud Management Yes
Captive Portal Yes
Wave 2 MU-MIMO - Yes
Coverage 140 m² (1,500 ft²
Band Steering Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Width 160 mm, Depth 33 mm, Height 160 mm,Weight 1.4 kg




160 x 160 x 32.65 mm (6.30 x 6.30 x 1.29")

300 g (10.6 oz)
With Mounting Kits:

315 g (11.1 oz)
Networking Interface:

(1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port

Power Method:

802.3af PoE
Maximum Power Consumption:

Supported Voltage Range:

44 to 57VDC
TX Power

2.4 GHz: 23 dBm
5 GHz: 26 dBm

2.4 GHz: 2x2
5 GHz: 4x4
Radio Rates

2.4 GHz: 300 Mbps
5 GHz: 1733 Mbps

2.4 GHz: 2.8 dBi
5 GHz: 3 dBi
WiFi Standards

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ac-wave2
Wireless Security


8 per Radio

Wall/Ceiling (Kits Included)
Operating Temperature:

-10 to 70° C (14 to 158° F)
Operating Humidity:

5 to 95% Noncondensing




Advanced QoS:

Per-User Rate Limiting
Guest Traffic Isolation:


Voice, Video, Best Effort, and Background
Concurrent Clients:




802.11a: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps
802.11n: 6.5 Mbps to 300 Mbps (MCS0 - MCS15, HT 20/40)
802.11ac: 6.5 Mbps to 1.7 Gbps (MCS0 - MCS9 NSS1/2/3/4, VHT 20/40/80)
802.11b: 1,2,5.5,11 Mbps
802.11g: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps
Package Contents

UAP AC NanoHD x 5
Mounting Bracket x 5
Ceiling Backing Plate x 5
Screws x 20
Flat Head Screws x 20
Keps Nuts x 20
Screw Anchors x 20
Quick Start Guide

Warranty Information

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Extended Warranty

Care for your DrayTek with VigorCare Extended Warranty !

DrayTek Extended Warranty Matrix Support Model

VigorCare Enhanced Warranty Service

Prepare for the unforeseen, equipment unfortunately does fail from time to time, be it a power surge, overheating or update failure, having an extended warranty can be a lifeline to your business when you need it most. The following packages below are available.

Broken Equipment

Advanced Replacement

If you suspect that your covered DrayTek product has developed a fault, our experienced support technicians will help you to diagnose the problem and determine whether the unit needs to be service or replaced. If it does, a replacement unit will be sent out the same day for delivery on the next working/business day (to most of the UK). If you wish to take the unit yourself to the service centre (currently North of London), replacement or diagnosis/repair can be carried out in person.

3 or 5 Year Warranty



  • Enhanced Warranty Service
  • 3 or 5 year warranty upgrades available
  • Advanced-Replacement of faulty unit
  • Next working day* replacement unit
  • Cover for 3 or 5 years warranty with single payment
  • Available for all DrayTek Vigor routers
  • Warranty upgrades available to purchase for up to 6 months after product purchase

    With VigorCare, you also have the benefit of an extension to a full 3 or even 5 years of warranty so that if a fault does develop, you will have no bills for parts, labour or replacement in the event that a warranty fault develops. We're proud of the reliability that DrayTek products achieve but however unlikely a problem might be, if your business depends on your DrayTek product, VigorCare should give you the peace of mind and convenience that you need.

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    VigorCare Service Packs

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     Product Code Description Applicable To These DrayTek Products Duration Buy Now
    VCARE-A3 VigorCare A3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 130, Vigor 166, Vigor 2762, 2763, 2765, 2766 series
    VigorAP 810, 903, 912C, 960C, 1000C, 1060C
    VigorSwitch P1092, G1080
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    VCARE-A5 VigorCare A5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 130, Vigor 166, Vigor 2762, 2763, 2765, 2766 series
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    VigorSwitch P1092, G1080
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    VCARE-B3 VigorCare B3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 2620Ln
    Vigor 2832, 2862, 2865, 2866, 2926, 2927 series
    VigorAP 920, VigorAP 918 series
    VigorSwitch P2121, G2100, P2100
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    VCARE-B5 VigorCare B5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 2620Ln
    Vigor 2832, 2862, 2865, 2866, 2926, 2927 series
    VigorAP 920, VigorAP 918 series
    VigorSwitch P2121, G2100, P2100
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    VCARE-C3 VigorCare C3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 2952, 2960, 2962, 3220
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    VigorSwitch P1280, G1280, P1282, G1282
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    VCARE-D3 VigorCare D3 3 Year Subscription Vigor 3900, Vigor 3910
    VigorSwitch G2280, G2280x, G2500, G2540x
    VigorSwitch P2280, P2280x, P2500, P2540x
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    VCARE-D5 VigorCare D5 5 Year Subscription Vigor 3900, Vigor 3910
    VigorSwitch G2280, G2280x, G2500, G2540x
    VigorSwitch P2280, P2280x, P2500, P2540x
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